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About Us


Marzena is on a journey to make all of our products sustainable, and we are pretty proud of the results so far. 
We are reducing our carbon footprint, we have introduced our new compostable natural wax strips, and are pro-actively reducing plastic from our packaging.

This means we have changed as a company, so we have a new look. We have a new focus and new products because we believe, like you, it’s the best thing to do.
We are a New Zealand owned company dedicated to providing you with effective & easy to use at home hair removal products, suitable for anyone wanting to remove body hair.

Launched in New Zealand in 1989, we have developed some revolutionary hair removal products, with the Natural Wax Strips being our latest innovation.

Marzena is dedicated to ongoing research, and the development of natural products that do not compromise on results.

At Marzena, we maintain and uphold a strict no animal testing policy on all of our products.